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The Building People Maximo/Auto CAD Technician in Phoenix, Arizona

The Building People has a need for a full-time Maximo/Auto CAD Technician (Engineering Technician V) supporting the Transmission Lines and Substation and Protection and Communication Maintenance Divisions for the Western Area Power Administration, Desert Southwest Regional Office.

The employee will provide technical support services and perform the following duties and tasks:

  • Initiates, reviews, monitors, coordinates and determines disposition of technical maintenance files. These files include correspondence, drawings, and equipment manuals and assorted other technical data maintained in the maintenance facilities.

  • Assists the Engineers and Craft employees in preparing the roll out, tracking and completion of custom reports and/or studies as it pertains to equipment enhancements and maintenance practices.

  • Reviews, monitors and maintains the equipment data and test sheets. Periodically reviews the equipment files for accuracy.

  • Researches and analyzes design data, designs, specifications, plans and program documents prepared by WAPA Engineers, as well as other company and agency designers, to ensure that technical requirements, field conditions and policies are met. Makes recommendations for additions and modifications to regional power system facilities.

  • Provides inventory, equipment identification and data sheets for input into CMMS.

  • Provides designs and standards on the substation facilities, transmission line sites and project schedules. Assists in the close-out of projects.

  • Employee must be an expert in the use of Drawing Information Systems (DIS), instruction books, schematics, wiring diagrams, CAD software for design and engineer support of voltmeters, ammeters, watt meters, phase shifters, auxiliary current and potential transformers, phase angle meters, phantom or ‘dummy’ loads, millivolt potentiometers, loading transformers, ratio test sets, phase rotation testers, electronic counters, various types of bridges, rotating standards, oscillographs and oscilloscopes.

  • Provides information and expertise on design and design standards to Journeyman, Craftsman-in-Training and Apprentices on maintaining, repairing and evaluating testing equipment and high voltage transmission systems.

  • Provides design and standards on the building and programming of RTU communication sites and project schedules. Assists in the close-out of projects.

  • Provides technical design support during the design of communication and substation protection facilities.

  • Assists organizational staff (e.g. Engineers, Program Managers and Foreman) in providing preventive maintenance scheduling, work assignments and periodical work program accomplishment/status updates.

  • Tracks, reviews and updates work orders for the purpose of validating cost codes, man-hour utilization, equipment and material used and compliance with identified maintenance schedules.

  • Acts as the coordinator between Government employees in the field providing technical assistance, general information and assistance as needed.

  • Assists in maintaining data integrity of automated systems; gathers required information and documentation for reports as necessary.

  • Assists in data gathering for WAPA internal audits as required.

  • Attends internal WAPA meetings as required.

  • Responsible for complying with safety and health regulations.

  • Assists with preparing procurement packages for highly technical electrical equipment and/or services. Prepares close-out packages for projects.

  • Inputs purchase requests into the financial system. Purchase requests are only entered with the consent of the Project Managers, Engineers or Power System Technicians using the proper charge codes provided.

  • Assists in the Reliability Compliance Program in the automated Maintenance and Financial Tracking Programs in order to provide the development and creation of computerized reports/charts, data entry and analysis.

  • Reviews construction contractor payrolls for compliance with Davis-Bacon wage rates and applicable labor standards. Updates CO and COR of compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act.

  • Assists Government representatives in the preparation, review and distribution of construction drawings. Consolidates all as-built drawings into one set. Ensures that drawings being transmitted are the most current version, makes copies and distributes drawings.

  • Assists the Government representatives in reviewing construction specifications and associated documents for completeness, errors and omissions and required documentation.

  • Assists in preparing, monitoring and receiving GFE. Ensures that the correct quantity of material is ordered, the correct quantity is received, deliveries meet schedule and material is transported to the correct locations.

  • Assists in conducting pre-construction conferences with construction contractors. Prepares the meeting agenda, takes notes during the meeting, provides the necessary forms to other contractors and explains the use of the forms.

  • Assists in processing invoices. Verifies invoiced services have been performed as required. Reviews invoices for accuracy and enters the information into the WAPA financial system.

Knowledge and Experience required:

  • Ability to create reports using standard software which requires a working knowledge of database structures and query languages.

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of the RCM method of identifying optimal equipment maintenance strategies and reporting software.

  • Shall have a thorough knowledge of the practices and procedures pertaining to technical matters in the following areas:

  • Distribution Design

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and Mapping

  • CAD

  • Preparation of manual or computer assisted design and construction drawings of a complex nature with neatness and a minimum of errors.

  • Perform design services requiring an in-depth understanding of drawings, specifications and industry and company standards covering the assigned work.

  • Ability to read and understand one-line diagrams, plans, sections, three-line diagrams (AC schematics), DC schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams and cable/conduit schedules.

  • A working knowledge of database structures and query languages.

  • General knowledge of high voltage electrical power system components and relationships from a functional perspective sufficient to provide oversight and maintenance of plant equipment inventory, and to interpret system switching and single line diagrams.

  • Knowledge of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), automated financial systems and query tools. This includes general knowledge of developing moderate queries; compiling, analyzing and interpreting data results.

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) method of identifying optimal equipment maintenance strategies.

  • Skilled in effectively and efficiently communicating (oral and written) details of work processes and procedures.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft® Office applications.

  • Knowledge specific to Engineering Technician supporting construction requirements.

  • Knowledge of utility construction practices

  • Knowledge of Federal labor laws regarding the Davis-Bacon Act wage determination procedures.

Required Experience

  • Maximo

  • AutoCad